“This is a heart wrenching and honest account of one mother’s and one family’s struggles with getting help for a mentally ill child”.   –Tim

What it takes to survive all of this as a mother is beyond me, but clearly God is with Kari each and every day. The raw pain that is expressed and on full view in this book is almost too much to bear. It is my hope that people read this book and talk a stand to help those who can’t help themselves…that mental illness is brought out into the light and that people treat it for what it is…an illness like all other illnesses. We need compassion, support and funding to take on this beast. To Kari, Jared, Megan and Nikki…may you feel the peace of Christ each day. May this book serve as witness and provide another family with hope for their own loved ones and the sanity of those who care for them.                                                                                                                                                                             -Brooke