These are some topics I will be covering in the near future.

**Also, I am in the process of working on a children’s book series that touches on mental health, families, emotions, and coping mechanisms for kids.

Blog Topics

Stress and Overeating

How to handle residential treatment center (RTC) as a parent

How to pick an RTC

What is an educational consultant

Gluten and behavior

In a public school, what are my rights as a parent with a special needs child?

What is an IEP?

Essentials to have at RTC

What can I send to my child at RTC

What is wilderness therapy

Why Wilderness therapy

Looking forward to parent weekend at RTC

How do I get my child in to see a Psychiatrist

What do I say to the psychiatrist

How do I educate my other children about mental illness

How do I talk to siblings about an attempted suicide

Can I get a service animal

How do I handle social media with my unstable teen

Should my sometimes unstable teen drive

Should my sometimes unstable teen get a job

How do I handle drinking, smoking, and drug abuse with my unstable teen

How do I handle the topic of sex with my unstable teen

What do I do with a child that has ADHD

How do I handle my child’s anxiety

What is the safe word to warn siblings to get away now, out of the house or in a locked room because teen in having an episode and is dangerous

When do you call the police for your child

What happens inside the mental health ward

Why are SD schools not assisting with mental health issues

Does my child have Autism

What do I say in public when my child is acting up and I’m getting the death glare from other shoppers?

How can I tell family members that I’m struggling and need assistance

How do I get extended family and friends to understand what I’m dealing with